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Bentham Black engage with client situations at different stages of maturity. Clients either have no starting point due to lack of transparency or know the current situation is not acceptable and needs leverage to change. The one size fits all approach never applies, so our methods and tools can be applied to rapidly gain common understanding with clients before they make important strategy, change or sourcing decisions.

Situation Entry Points
What the client needs
Measurable Starting Point
Realistic Ideas and Vision
Options and Comparatives
Delivery, Legal & Supplier Expertise
Measurements and Refinements
Stage of Engagement
Areas of Focus

* Business Requirements
* Asset audit
* Baseline Financials
* Baseline Key metrics
* Executive Strategy
* Service Benchmark
* Risk Review
* Regulatory Review
* Security Review
* Process Assessment
* Organisation state

* New Business Direction
* Customer impact
* Service Design
* Technology Strategy
* Req'ments mapping
* Organisation Design
* Techno Innovation
* Business Innovation
* Performance
* Vision qualification

* In-house v Outsource
* Supplier Offerings
* Cost v Quality Profile
* Geography
* Languages
* Order/Sequence
* Infrastructure
* Existing Relationships
* Exit costs and impact
* Business Risk Profile
* Comparitive Analysis
* Procurement Strategy

* Path to New Vision
* Visual Contracting
* Supplier Negotiation
* Contract Best Practice
* Risk Sharing
* Service Build / Start Up
* Transfer of Capability
* Training
* Recruitment
* Legal and TUPE
* SLA Measurement

* Post Transition Support
* Performance Review
* Contract Risk Mgmt
* Rationalisation
* Revalidate Goals
* Benefit Realisation
* SLA Reporting

What the client gets

Understanding and common baseline

Innovative new direction and business model

Strategies to execution and justification of business model

Execution of change to new model
Managed delivery risk

Validation and realisation of value and risk
New situation for change

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