......natural diversity built on experience. 



Bentham Black provides value based services that compliment our solution definition and sourcing work. These services utilise the cross functional and technical capability and experience of our people and focus on providing value through different channels. All these services start with a Situation Analysis entry point and are normally delivered on a risk/reward basis. The risk and reward will depend on the client situation, the availability of a measureable baseline and the achievable value being targeted.

Cost Optimisation

* Maintaining quality of service/outputs while reducing costs
* Establishing cost governance frameworks and baselines
* Improving the performance and risk sharing with Strategic suppliers
* More competitive value in spend categories
* Standardisation and rationalisation of people, process, products and projects

Revenue Acceleration

* Improving the Win : Proposal ratio
* Driving cost efficiency on bid formulation process
* Qualification of target clients and bids
* Enhancing the senior engagement with strategic clients
* Selling the right capability/service at right price
* Regulatory and Revenue recognition challenges

Assurance and Recovery

* Evaluating business units or programme performance, delays, and cost overrun
* Managing underperforming suppliers, projects and technologies
* Providing methodology and focus for turnaround of the business or programme
* Improving the management and recovery of change controls from customers
* Assessment of talent and skills gaps in business or programmes

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