......visually simplifying the situation. 



Tappistri is a proprietary methodology to Bentham Black developed over several years capturing lessons learnt in business process outsourcing and business establishment projects. The method provides best practice templates, questionnaires, guidance and accelerators for every phase of a client assignment. We share and train the method with clients who are not clear where to start and evolve its usage to enable clients to use in isolation in other parts of their business. We do not enforce the method but use it to guide our assignments depending on the client style and preference.

Partner Tools

We continually enhance our capability and tools by working with partners and technology vendors who provide complimentary tools to our own. The tools we apply depend on the clients' situation. More information on these tools can be seen at www.t2oglobal.com. Examples of these are:

Panoramic is a proprietary tool from TO developed to provide simple visualisation of a whole client business operation and common framework for data capture and strategy formulation.

ICM (Integrated Contract Management) is module of proprietary technology we deliver with TO and Hugh James to provide a single repository of contracts and SLA data analysis to share across functions.

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